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Not feeling very good, so I did some digital practice/vent sketches of Pearl while listening to SU BGM

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Most Days [KiKasa]


combined prompts from mrpaavo and soma1791. trust me when I say I am deeply ashamed of myself.

Kasamatsu was aware that long-distance relationships were difficult enough for regular people, like him, for example. People who had their priorities straight, who knew restraint and had ways of dealing with loneliness that didn’t involve calling someone in the middle of the night “just to hear their voice.”

But for people like Kise, who craved almost unhealthy amount of affection and closeness, who were needy and tactile, this kind of relationship was nearly unbearable. Kasamatsu knew that. Countless times, he had to pick up late-night calls, or found Kise on his doorstep on a school day, with nothing for an excuse but “I just wanted to see you.”

It wasn’t always bad, of course. They talked almost every day, and Kise even learned to joke about Kasamatsu not being there to kick him. He’d say how happy his manager was that Kise wasn’t sporting any bruises anymore. And then they would meet after one, two, three weeks, and Kasamatsu would deliberately put bruises on his neck and leave scratches down his back.

Most times it was just about Kise futilely begging Kasamatsu to let him visit. Kasamatsu rarely agreed, threatening to shut the door in Kise’s face if he dared, but from time to time, he would negotiate. He’d say “I might reconsider if…” and bargained for whatever Kise had told him about earlier. If you win that game. If you pass that test. If you don’t buy that coat. If you keep up a smile for your team.

On his worse days, Kise would jokingly remind Kasamatsu not to cheat on him, and they would both pretend not to hear the insecurity lacing his voice. On his worst days, Kise would accuse him of not caring enough, of not loving him enough, only to feel even more horrible for saying these things later.

But most days were good days. Kise would be his usual, over-excited self with more to say than Kasamatsu could process after four hours of sleep between classes and his part-time job. He would send Kasamatsu endless pictures of things that couldn’t possibly be of any interest to him. Sometimes he would send less than innocent pictures of himself, swearing that they were for Kuroko, just to make Kasamatsu laugh.

Most days were good. Filled with longing and everyday life, but bringing them closer to Kise’s graduation – slowly, but steadily. 


every class is art class if you dont care enough

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My boyfriend and I were kissing. Then all of the sudden my phone starts ringing.  We were interrupted by this.. 


i like to think that before kuroko got the ‘im a shadow shadows cant exist without their light’ metaphor he thought of others

  • im the sandwich spread and ur the bread please lend me ur strength
  • im the maple syrup and ur the pancake we’ll be number one in japan
  • ur a shoelace and im the little plastic bit you see at the end of shoelaces i’ll push u to the top

now what will we do without our basketball boys
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now what will we do without our basketball boys